WABC could be (almost) all syndicated shows

SteveOrdinetz hykker@wildblue.net
Wed Nov 26 19:07:40 EST 2008

  Dave Tomm wrote:

>Talk radio is going to have to re-invent itself.  The younger demos
>want nothing to do with it.  Unlike the young voters of 25 years ago
>that tended to be more conservative, today's younger demos tend to
>skew more toward the Democrats and are culturally diverse.  That
>spells long term trouble for a format that tends to be very hard to
>the right--and lily white.  Younger potential listeners are more apt
>to get their political analysis from surfing the blogosphere or
>downloading shows from liberal minded hosts onto their I-pods.

But are today's 20-somethings really all that different than, say the 
boomers were when they were that age?  The generation that was 
categorized at the time as a bunch of dope-smokin' hippies burning 
their draftcards/bras is the same one that produced Rush, Hannity, 
etc.  I'm not sure Election 2008 was a move to the left as much as a 
move away from the hard right.

I couldn't see myself nor any of my friends listening to talk radio 
when I was in my 20s or 30s.  Rush is no more relatable to today's 
young adults than Jerry Williams was in 1972...a bunch of crochety, 
opinionated old men don't have much cred with their kids' 
generation.  Agreed that today's generation gets most of their 
entertainment and "information" on line.  Sadly, there are more 
sources of "information" available today, and it's easier than ever 
to be misinformed.  "I read it on line so it's gotta be true".

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