WABC could be (almost) all syndicated shows

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It seems odd that nobody posting to this thread has mentioned that
WCCM-AM 1110, Salem, NH, has cancelled  Arnie 
Arnesen's morning-drive show on that station.  It made the national
media websites (Radio-info.com. Allaccessmedia.com)  but has gone
uncommented-on here.  WCCM replaced it with Doug Stephan's "Good Day"
It also appears that John Bassett may be retiring...he appeared on the
station today (Wednesday) and the subject of the conversation was about how he'll 
fill his hours now that he doesn't have to commute from Milton to Methuen
any more.  (Undoubtedly, he will continue to make "pleasure trips" to

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>But the real question is whether operators can cut costs faster than
>they are driving the audience away. As long as national issues, such
>as the economic collapse, are what people are interested in, I'd say
>that syndication is a winning strategy. But when local issues become
>paramount, syndication seems like a loser to me. What can syndication
>do that sat-casting can't do at least as well? When local stations
>cease to provide local content, they cease to have a raison d'etre.
>The only reasons for people to tune in to local signals are inertia
>and that--what is it now, $17/month per receiver?--that Sirius/XM

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> Operators don't want to pay them anymore. Producing a local show is
> expensive. You have to obviously pay the talent (quite a bit if
> they're good) and also a producer and an engineer. In this economy
> this just doesn't make sense.

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