WABC could be (almost) all syndicated shows

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To a point it is "vastly different" ...
But if the subject matters for the locally produced syndicated shows are
about national and international issues 
and not NYC stuff, it doesn't make a hill of beans difference if the host is
at WABC studios or 
in a ski chalet somewhere ...

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The difference being that most of the WABC shows originate with WABC....and 
some shows that started on WABC and then were syndicated to others.

Which is vastly different than picking up and pluggin in a Michael Savage 
from the midwest, Laura Ingraham from wherever, and Rush from Florida.

Sign of the times? Here, WRKO finds it's almost all syndicated shows (only 
Finneran and Howie Carr are local;
well, Carr's syndicated by Entercom technically but 'RKO is the flagship and

it's usually Boston-based talk--
certainly lately it has been). Now WABC in New York may be just about all 
syndicated. They're doing a news
show from 5-6 am with Charles McCord, followed by Imus, (apparently) Joe 
Scarborough, Rush, Hannity, Levin,
Laura Ingraham (replacing Bob Grant) and the new Curtis Sliwa show.
A powerful station in the nation's biggest city--just about all syndicated 
talk, though.

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