30 Rock Studio 6-B

Tue Nov 25 07:44:28 EST 2008

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>>So what happens to 6-B? I have fond memories of seeing the  Carson show
tape their quite a few times as it was always easy to get in  back

I believe the audience portion of the studio is still  intact so I
wonder what the plans are for that famous  studio.<<<
Studio 6-B is just a large spacious studio. They used the entire thing for  
the news and a good part of it was converted into the "Weather Center".   Spent 
lots of time in that part of the studio during the summer. We would have a  
feed of the doppler radar to Skypath, our KU-band satellite system, so we  
could see rain cells headed our way. It would give is time to get the Burbank  
uplink online to avaid a fade.

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