30 Rock Studio 6-B

Bill O'Neill billohno@gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 07:10:37 EST 2008

Scott Fybush wrote:
> Useless trivia: I've never been inside 6A. Every time I've managed to 
> weasel my way into 30 Rock for a tour, there's been something - either 
> a Conan taping or a private event - going on there. (But I have stood 
> in the SNL host spot on the floor of 8H and promised the empty room 
> that "we've got a great show for you tonight, so stick around"...) //
A friend and I went to see Letterman years ago in 6A. We were lucky to 
be among the "first-12" in line so we got in first and sat up in front. 
Don't know if it's still the case but Letterman wanted the first 12 in 
line to get in before any suits or VIPs so the camera pan wouldn't be 
all gray flannel in the front row. 

Tom Snyder was one of the guests iirc. Great experience. The studio 
seemed mammoth to me.  That was back when Letterman was funny.

Walking through the studios was a great experience.  I recall "Golden 
Girls" was the big money maker for the network. Nothing like a life 
sized poster of Estelle Getty at every turn.....

Bill O'Neill

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