The importance of local talk radio

Kevin Vahey
Mon Nov 24 14:30:24 EST 2008

Mission Church was on from at least the mid 50's until well into the
60's. They were famous for radio novenas. I have a hunch the
Herald-Traveler just may have given the church the time for free with
the hope Cushing could lobby the FCC about channel 5.

Also for years WNAC used to televise Sunday Mass from the studios. I
wonder who paid for that?

I was very young but once Cushing argeed to be on Jerry Williams it
was a signal that the Cardinal had no problems with him.

On 11/24/08, Don A <> wrote:
> The Mission Church was Catholic and the broadcasts usually lasted an
> hour or more depending on how long the sermon was. I don't know if the
> church bought the time or if WHDH was trying to please Cushing.
> <<
> What year was this on WHDH?  Did they ask for donations on this program?
> You might recall (or maybe not) Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.  He was given
> airtime for free...but I don't believe he begged for donations as they do
> today.
>> Cushing was smart when it came to broadcasting. He got channel 38 on
>> the air in 1964 and was looking to sell from day 1.
> Cushing was known for his money acumen.  ;-)
> He may have had the same experience as the Christian Science Monitor did
> when they had Ch 68 and "The M Onitor Channel"
> A nice concept, but after getting it on the air, realizing what an expensive
> ongoing proposition it was.
> Getting it on the air was the easy part.....generating income to cover the
> ongoing operation is another thing.
> The Monitor Channel, while a noble enterprise, was a big black hole in the
> balance sheet of the organization.

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