The importance of local talk radio

Mon Nov 24 13:36:42 EST 2008

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, Norm Tulin went from WORL to WHN
in New York. His air name in the Big Apple was Norm Stevens. Bill
Marlowe worked at the same New York station as Tulin did, though not
at the same time. When Marlowe worked there, I think the calls were
WMGM. The station definitely had those calls at some point but I could
be wrong about the calls being WMGM when Marlowe worked there. Didn't
Palmer Payne move from WNAC or WRKO to WOR while both stations were
still owned by RKO General? One would think that more WNAC/WRKO
personalities would have found their way to WOR when the stations were
co-owned. In fact, Marlowe might have been one of them. Didn't he do
Music from Studio X on both WOR and WNAC (not as a simulcast but in
different years)?

And don't forget the road from Boston to New York will also get you
from New York to Boston. Ed Walsh, who now anchors AM drive at WBZ
(AM) grew up in the Boston area and, I guess, worked in radio here
(though I don't know where) before making his way to New York, where
he worked at WOR and WCBS before he returned to Boston.

Oh, and I'm sure that nobody else remembers when Jonathan Schwartz
(now of Sirius/XM, but also of the late WNEW (AM), WNYC, and maybe
WQEW in its pre-Disney days) worked at WNAC. So he too went from
Boston to New York. But he also went from New York to Boston. His
first radio gig was at Pacifica's WBAI (FM).

And going back even further, did Morgan Baker of the Housewives'
Protective League program on the old WEEI 590 go to the Housewives'
Protective League program on WCBS, where he assumed the air name of
Galen Drake? The hosts in the various cities were selected because
they sounded the same. All had great radio voices. If Baker did, in
fact, make such a move, I doubt whether any listeners even noticed.

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> Kevin: You are correct; Palmer Payne did news at WOR after leaving
> WRKO. There was another fellow whom I believe also worked at both
> stations (though I may be wrong); his first name was Roger and he
> had a last name that I could never quite catch --- something like
> "Skivenas."  Ring any bells with anyone?
> -Doug
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>> Boston for some reason was not a great feeder for NY radio. Frank
>> Kingston Smith did land at WABC and I am pretty sure Palmer Payne
>> worked in NYC as well. Chicago got from Boston JJ Jeffrey, Chuck
>> Knapp, Jerry Williams, Paul Benzaquin, Larry Lujack and Roy Leonard
>> to
>> name a few.
>> Buffalo sent many to Boston including Stan Roberts, Jackson
>> Armstrong
>> and Bud Bullou.
>> On 11/24/08, Alan Tolz <> wrote:
>>> Actually, the pipeline between Hartford and Philadelphia was quite
>>> strong in
>>> the 1960's as Jim Nettleton, John Wade, Bill Corsair (on the talk
>>> radio
>>> side) and others went from WPOP and WDRC to WFIL with regularity.
>>> Alan
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>>>> We have talked about this before but before satellite programming
>>>> took
>>>> hold New England had a baseball like farm system for radio.
>>>> Bangor, Burlington, Pittsfield were class A
>>>> Manchester, Portland, Worcester, Springfield were AA
>>>> Providence and Hartford AAA  and then Boston
>>>> Of course Boston became a feeder not so much for New York but
>>>> Chicago.
>>>> I remember Springfield having 2 great Top 40 stations WHYN and
>>>> WTXL.
>>>> Worcester WORC and WAAB, Providence WPRO and WICE and Hartford
>>>> WPOP
>>>> and WDRC.
>>>> Quite a number of smaller stations also had talk shows and actual
>>>> newsrooms. I remember in the late 60's visiting a friend at WNBP
>>>> and
>>>> the lead story was how the fire department rescued a cat from a
>>>> tree.

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