The importance of local talk radio

Sid Schweiger
Mon Nov 24 13:31:51 EST 2008

>>You are correct; Palmer Payne did news at WOR after leaving WRKO. 
There was another fellow whom I believe also worked at both stations (though 
I may be wrong); his first name was Roger and he had a last name that I 
could never quite catch --- something like "Skivenas."  Ring any bells with 

Roger Skibenes.  (not sure of the spelling)

Palmer Payne also did news at WABC around the time of its transition from music to talk (1982), as did another Channel 7 alumnus, Roger Sharp.  The standing joke at ABC was that if the two of them ever co-anchored a newscast, they could call it...

(wait for it)

...the Sharp-Payne Report.

(ducking and covering)

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