The importance of local talk radio

Don A
Fri Nov 21 15:45:55 EST 2008

>>>> The problem with Finneran (or any live local host) in the evening is
>>>> Red Sox preemptions (and the occasional BC football or basketball game 
>>>> in the winter).
>>>> That and the problem of getting 680 in after dark in the western 
>>>> suburbs.
>> Old timers like me rememver when WNAC and WRKO were touted at one time 
>> for their great signal.
>> 50 Big Cookies! Jerry Williams would say.
>> In my opinion, it is the 2nd best signal on the AM dial.
>> Now, it seems, all I hear are people (not only us radio geeks, but hosts 
>> as well!) complain about the holes in WRKO's signal.
> It's still the same signal it was in 1953 - but the market it's trying to 
> cover has changed rather dramatically.

Has the market changed...or has people's expectations.

I remember occaisionally watching a snowy tv channel...because I wanted to 
see the movie that was on.

Or scratchy WMEX to listen to AT 40.

Who would put up with that today? 

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