8 LPTV's in Boston?

Paul Hopfgarten paul@derrynh.net
Tue Nov 18 16:01:46 EST 2008

Since Southern NH is part of the Boston TV Market...

Would the LPTV Ch 13 (WYCN) in Nashua count as one of the 8? 
I believe that they have a LPTV TX in Nashua (at higher power than the
'host' station IIRC) as well as a LPTV TX in Manchester, Chs 33 and 29
respectively, I believe?

-Paul Hopfgarten
Derry NH

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> <<On Tue, 18 Nov 2008 02:32:39 -0500, "Don A" <donald_astelle@yahoo.com>
> > Are there EIGHT LPTV stations licensed to Boston?
> No.  There may well be that many "in the Boston area" (if you count
> Leicester and Lawrence as being "in the Boston area").  I believe
> there are three licensed to Boston proper (two operating from FM-128
> in Newton and one operating from a crane off Melnea Cass Blvd.).  I
> want to say they're on channels 24, 40, and 58, but I could be
> misremembering.  (The 58, WCEA-LP, was originally on channel 19 and
> was displaced by WGBH-TV's DTV.)
> -GAWollman

I remember seeing a channel 33 on the North Shore about 20 years ago --
strictly over the air, not cable. Its format was music videos by request, I
believe through a $0.99 a minute 1-900 number IIRC. Where was this station,
who owned it, and what happened to it?


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