Is WBZ AM-TV the only AM combo left in NE

Kevin Vahey
Mon Nov 17 13:27:34 EST 2008

I distinctly remember 56 using an Indian Head test pattern with
WXHR-TV about a year before the went on the air as WKBG.

Fred Cusick told the story of why WKBG had to flee their Commonwealth
Ave studios for Morrisey Blvd.

Downstairs from their studio a dry cleaner installed one of those
large moving racks and the noise made daytime studio production nearly

WJIB was a carbon copy of Kaiser's KFOG in San Francisco which was
considered by many to be the first successful FM stations in the US.

My one distinct memory of WTAO was in the early 60's when the drug
store on the corner of my street had a remote broadcast. Ray Walker
best know for weekend weather at channel 5 was the DJ.

My Dad worked for WTAO-TV but I was too young to remember much but I
do remember relatives coming to the house to watch Jackie Gleason as
we were the only ones with an UHF set. I also recall that WTAO carried
Lawrence Welk.

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