Is WBZ AM-TV the only AM combo left in NE

Mon Nov 17 10:15:12 EST 2008

I think that very briefly, during Kaiser-Globe ownership (but maybe
during Harvey Radio ownership, which would make more sense), 740 was
WXHR (AM) and then during Kaiser-Globe ownership, it may also have
very briefly been WJIB (AM). I'm quite confident of the WXHR (AM)
calls even though they may have lasted for only a week or two. (Also,
I have a track record of being wrong about such things.) IIRC, this
was at a time when the station had a very pleasant music format and AM
drive was done by a guy named Patrick Downey who had great pipes and a
pleasant manner. As for WJIB (AM), I don't think that Bob Bittner has
ever been able to prove that the current WJIB (AM) calls constitute
the second appearance of those call letters on the station.

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> Yes, it was during the Globe ownership that they changed from WTAO
> to WCAS.
> What I found interesting was that for weeks after the purchase of
> WTAO/WXHR/WTAO-TV was announced, but before they closed on the sale,
> the
> Globe listed 740/96.9 as WKBG-AM and WKBG-FM in their radio station
> frequency table.
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> Did Kaiser-Globe Broadcasting really have the WCAS calls on AM 740?
> I
> thought that the use of those calls began when the station was sold
> to
> Wickus Island Broadcasting. But then, I think the name Wickus Island
> Broadcasting came from the WCAS calls, so maybe Kaiser-Globe did
> originate the WCAS calls.
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>> Harvey Radio Labs owned WTAO WXHR-FM and WTAO-TV,
>> WTAO-TV 56 was Bostons ABC affiliate in 1953 until it was taken
>> dark
>> due to lack of UHF equipped receivers in the Boston market.
>> Boston did not have fulltime ABC until WHDH-TV 5 signed on in 1957.
>> I recall many houses on the North Shore and Boston had a separate
>> channel 9 yagi pointed to WMUR.
>> Same situation in with WNET-16 in Providence, when I was a kid I
>> was
>> introduced to an uncles cousin....the GM of WNET who gave me my
>> first UHF converter and 4 bay bowtie antenna, only UHF station I
>> could get in Salem, Ma pre WIHS-TV 38 was WWOR-TV 14.
>> Providence did not get fulltime ABC until WTEV-6 signed on.
>> Kaiser-Boston Globe revived WTAO-TV as WKBG-TV 56 in 1966 along
>> with
>> WXHR-FM as WJIB-FM 97 Beautiful Music and WTAO as WCAS 740 as
>> Watertown-Cambridge-Arlington-Somervillle and Belmont radio.

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