Is WBZ AM-TV the only AM combo left in NE

Doug Drown
Mon Nov 17 10:13:45 EST 2008

Kaiser/Globe's ownership of the three stations didn't last long, IIRC ---  
why did they decide to sell out?   I know Kaiser eventually went out of the 
broadcasting business; was that the reason?   -Doug

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> Come to think of it, I think WTAO was WXHR at the time of the sale (and
> WTAO-TV was WXHR-TV). I remember print ads the radio stations used to run
> that were kind of cute. I am going to *try* to duplicate the text below
> without the benefit of HTML
> AM 740               WXHR            FM 96.9
> Clear channel                        50,000 watts
> Now 740 is admittedly a clear channel, and WXHR-FM did operate with an ERP
> of 50,000 watts....but I wonder if they were trying to imply more than 
> that
> in the ad? Hehe.
> Yes, it was during the Globe ownership that they changed from WTAO to 
> What I found interesting was that for weeks after the purchase of
> WTAO/WXHR/WTAO-TV was announced, but before they closed on the sale, the
> Globe listed 740/96.9 as WKBG-AM and WKBG-FM in their radio station
> frequency table.

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