Is WBZ the only TV and AM left in New England?

Scott Fybush
Sun Nov 16 23:43:43 EST 2008

Richard Chonak wrote:
> Scott Fybush wrote:
>> I was wondering about that, too, but apparently the stations are so 
>> low-profile (even in Washington!) that the issue never came up for 
>> discussion.
> I don't know about 1260, but wasn't 570 a big sports-talk shop?
> (Ralph Nader, call your office.)

The sports moved from 570 to 980 years ago. 570 has been a dumping 
ground for second-string syndicated talk that couldn't get any other 
clearances in the market. Its biggest success was with Imus, but he's 
now on Citadel's WJZW-FM.

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