Is Art Lake (WJAR) still alive?

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Sun Nov 16 21:35:18 EST 2008

I never got to meet John Quill, but I did meet WWLP's old weekday afternoon
Meteorologist, Evan Rubin? I think that was his name.

I remember the day I went to visit WWLP, the road up the mountain as snow
covered and a bit icy... a bit scary for someone who's never done it before.
There was a WWLP 4 Wheel Van at the base of hill the station sat on for
employees who didn't feel like driving up.

As I recall, it was wide enough for one car, barely... and Evan told me
several stories of getting snowed in at the top of the mountain for over

Paul Walker

On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 4:51 PM, Kevin Vahey <> wrote:

> I cannot think of anybody who was on the air longer than Art. Met his
> numerous times and he is a great down to earth guy.
> Hopefully Professor Halper can break bread with him. Oh the memories
> he must have.
> Quill was another workhorse who used to sleep at the station so he
> could do the morning weather cutins on he Today Show.

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