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Scott Fybush is the list member most likely to have an answer (he
worked at 'BZ), but I would be surprised if WBZ used jingles in IDs in
the 1930s. I doubt whether any station did. IIRC, the first radio
jingle of any kind was "PepsiCola Hits the Spot" and I don't believe
it arrived until the early '40s. I was around then, but I wasn't very
old and I can't remember whether or not the Pepsi jingle burst on the
scene before of after Pearl Harbor. I do remember that my parents and
I were captivated by the jingle and often sang along with it when we
heard it on the radio; it was memorable and easy to sing.

In the New York area, where we lived, another early and very popular
jingle was for Three Little Sachs Furniture in the Bronx: "Melrose
five five three hundred," later corrupted by Larry Glick in Boston to
254-5678. Note that Larry had to slightly alter the rhyme scheme to
make the music fit his phone number. Seven has two syllables; "hun"
has only one.

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>> I remember the
>> jingle WBZ Boston....WBZA Springfield...look no further you
>> have found the station most up-to-date in town with music
>> and news the best around
>> WBZ Boston 1030...1030...1030
> Do any recordings of jingles exist pre-NARBA 1941 for WBZ 990 ?
> John B
> Derry NH

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