Have you seen today's Boston Globe?...

Don A donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Wed Nov 12 01:36:07 EST 2008

>> But the final "decider" is the courts.  And that has traditionally been 
>> the role of the courts to address justice fairly.
> Believe it or not, Don, there are people in America who don't even have 
> confidence in judges.  Can you imagine that, even here in our enlightened 
> commonwealth?

Well, like it or not, confidence or not...those wronged can seek recourse in 
the courts.

It's even better if you can come to a fair settlement of the issue before it 
goes to court....which is usually the case.

> They don't want to rely on judges, even if the judges were elected, to 
> decide cases of "fair speech" justly.

Well, that's the system we live in.

But who is the "they"?  Those agrieved?  Or the broadcasters who don't want 
any reprecussions from irresponsible broadcasting?

>   Fairness Doctrine complaints could become the equivalent of SLAPP suits.

Was this an issue in the past?

My memory says that this was not a problem in the past.

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