Donna's article from Taylor's Radio-Info

Bill O'Neill
Tue Nov 11 14:56:07 EST 2008

Donna Halper wrote:
> I think the pundits, many of whom liked her husband and thought 
> Hillary's candidacy would make a great story (they didn't necessarily 
> think she'd be a great candidate, nor did many of them support her-- 
> but they all agreed she'd make an exciting story; and as we can surely 
> all agree, the media are drawn to exciting stories like moths to a 
> flame), //
I am intrigued by Donna's notion of how a "great story" leads (or 
drives) media down a path versus the prevailing latent bias notion.  
Definitely worth closer study. (Thanks Donna!)

To ascribe the word 'mercenary' to a journalist is not pejorative in my 
view.  I respect a journalist who jumps onto a 'good story' and takes 
the ride as far as it goes without regard for how it plays-out under 
evaluative scrutiny.

The passion for a story and the pursuit of truth is the thing.  And this 
applies not only to journalists but to talk show callers and new media 
contributors.  I count myself among the many who can get bogged down in 
the emotion of the story.

Bill O'Neill

PS.  THANK YOU VETERANS.  It's good to be free.

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