Donna's article from Taylor's Radio-Info

Donna Halper
Tue Nov 11 13:39:34 EST 2008

At 01:12 PM 11/11/2008, Alan Tolz wrote:
>As a folow-up to Bob and Donna's dialogue, Donna, do you think that 
>Barack Obama's win against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary 
>had anything to do with Air America?
>I would contend that his victory in that race was purely strategic 
>planning, fundraising superiority and execution by his field forces 
>as well as missteps on her part post Super Tuesday.

I don't think talk radio or TV pundits destroyed Hillary-- sad to 
say, for those who wanted to see her succeed, she ran a surprisingly 
bad campaign.  In fact, she refused to go on the talk shows, and 
totally blew off the media in the early days of that campaign, which 
didn't win her much in the way of good will.  I think the pundits, 
many of whom liked her husband and thought Hillary's candidacy would 
make a great story (they didn't necessarily think she'd be a great 
candidate, nor did many of them support her-- but they all agreed 
she'd make an exciting story; and as we can surely all agree, the 
media are drawn to exciting stories like moths to a flame), began to 
beat up on her because they felt she was showing them total disregard 
and because they also felt she was a polarizing figure and yes, 
because her campaign lacked focus and lacked a coherent message.  Air 
America was not powerful enough to harm her.  But over time, she lost 
the support of a LOT of the leftie talkers, including Ed Schultz who 
is on over 100 stations and had originally been a supporter of hers.   

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