WTIC must switch to night pattern earlier

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You've got it wrong, and if WTIC is changing patterns at Hartford
sunset, THEY'VE got it wrong, too. I read the FCC order. What it says
is that, from Hartford sunset to Dallas sunset, WTIC's nighttime
skywave coverage is protected only to the limits of its 0.5 mV/m 50%
skywave coverage that exists when the night pattern is in use. WTIC
can continue to change patterns at Hartford sunset but for the 45 to
75 minutes of post-sunset ND operation, only part of the 0.5 mV/m 50%
skywave contour will be protected. A contributor to the FCC's logic
was that this situation is already in effect. At least two stations,
one of them in Pittsburgh, already interfere with the western portions
of WTIC's post-sunset skywave coverage between Hartford sunset and
their own local sunsets.

The situation that exists on 1080 does not exist on 1090. WBAL changes
patterns at Baltimore sunset. Similarly, WWVA changes patterns at
Wheeling sunset and whatever 1500 in DC's calls are this week, it
changes patterns at DC sunset. The other frequencies that have
arrangements similar to that on 1080 are 1530 (WCKY goes to night
pattern at Sacramento sunset) and 1560 (WQEW goes to night pattern at
Bakersfield sunset). The reverse situation exists on 1110 (KFAB goes
ND at Charlotte sunrise).

The interesting thing about the 1080 situation is that it was brought
about by an application from a station in central Michigan (WOAP), a
daytimer that is upgrading from 1 kW ND-D to 50 kW DA-D and is
constructing a six-tower array for the purpose. WOAP wanted to use the
array at night as well with 4500W and even volunteered to go dark from
its local sunset to Dallas sunset. The FCC originally rejected that
part of WOAP's application but reversed itself on appeal. Thing is,
whether the FCC had reversed itself or not, most of the damage to WTIC
would have been done by WOAP's day operation. Due to its westerly
location within the Eastern time zone (and northerly latitude with
respect to Dallas), Waverley MI's local sunset must come at
approximately the same time as Dallas sunset--at least during the

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>> Which other stations?  The only one I can think of are New
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>> another one
>> of those?
>    KFAB, Omaha, 1110, switches back to daytime, non-directional, at
> sunrise at Charlotte.

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