Future of Journalism

Russ Butler songbook24@gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 00:21:43 EST 2008

Reading the posts about "Righty" and "Lefty" talk show hosts, perhaps 
list members would like to know that today, on C-SPAN's "American 
Perspectives"series, there was a panel discussion on "The Future of 
Journalism." i.e.:  The future of print and broadcast in a changing world!

Radio-TV talk show hosts were part of the discussion, as was new media's 
position in the marketplace, newspapers, radio stations, et al.  
Interesting responses to the audience's questions.

It was a C-SPAN pick up of The National Press Club with panelists Dan 
Rather of HDNet; Jill Abramson, NYTimes Managing Editor; Tom Curley, CEO 
Associated Press and Jay Rosen, NYU Journalism professor.  The NYU 
Journalism Institute was the host.  _www.c-span.org_ to watch a replay.

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