Have you seen today's Boston Globe?...

Don A donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Sat Nov 8 16:08:41 EST 2008

> Don A wrote:
>> It's quite possible that calling people "murderous muslim towelheads" 
>> misses the point when it comes to public service too.
> It also is incendiary and does not make for a stable product and, ergo, 
> profitable for the licensee.

Tell that to WRKO and WTKK....since this can be heard eminating from both.

Per my 'iPod into the air chain' crack, a station that opts to simply
voice-track recorded music 24/7 from a broom closet in the radio sales
office can slip by with no interference from the government.

Well, I hardly think that WCRB is going to get hit with FD concerns. 
Althought Mr. Glavin might try.  ;-)

>>Frankly, it is conservative talk that is under fire;

It's not a Righty or Lefty thing.

I am a Conservative, and Donna Halper is a Liberal.  People on both sides 
can agree/disagree with FD.

There are a lot of righty hosts that are crying about the loss of 'freedom 
of speech'....and many people are parroting the same line back over and over 

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