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Bill O'Neill billohno@gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 15:57:46 EST 2008

Don A wrote:
>> Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>>> It should be the responsibility of all
>>> trustees of the public resources that disseminate such information
>> BillO - Should not governmental conditions, then, be placed upon all 
>> broadcast stations evenly regardless of this  man-made thing called 
>> 'format'?
> Don A - Isnt it? Wasn't it? 
> What do you mean?
Per my 'iPod into the air chain' crack, a station that opts to simply 
voice-track recorded music 24/7 from a broom closet in the radio sales 
office can slip by with no interference from the government. Frankly, it 
is conservative talk that is under fire; so, if a station flips to 
'rightie' talk then it opens itself up to scrutiny that it would not 
otherwise face with canned music.  I doubt an Air America or 'leftie' 
assortment on a station would garner any negative interest from regulators.

Bill O'Neill

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