Beck's politeness, Smerconish's endorsement

Howard Glazer
Fri Nov 7 01:02:04 EST 2008

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> Bob Nelson wrote:
> > We'll see how long the honeymoon lasts, but I jokingly have said
> > that I'm sure the right will treat our new President with the
> > same respect, admiration, and class as the left did with
> > our outgoing President... :)
> Can anyone imagine a kiddie show host in today's supercharged political
> environment doing a daily "salute to the President" with a glass of
> milk, a la Bob Emery?

I remember toasting both Eisenhower and JFK with my glass of milk. If I'd
still been watching in 1965, though, (was he still on in '65?) and Goldwater
had somehow won the '64 election, I don't think I'd be drinking to Barry's
health, such was my parents' antipathy toward him.


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