Early Xmas

Roger Kirk rogerkirk@ttlc.net
Thu Nov 6 19:26:23 EST 2008

Larry Weil wrote:
>> -
> In the same vein, Allen Sherman did a song that went "Deck the halls with
> advertising" or something to that effect, IIRC.
Cambridge's own Tom Lehrer held forth with "A Christmas Carol" - one of 
my all-time favorite holiday commentaries, tho seldom, if ever, heard on 
the (public?) airwaves:

Hark The Herald Tribune Sings, Advertising Wondrous Things...
God Rest Ye Merry Merchants, May Ye Make The Yuletide Pay...

With full intent of "fair use," a fragment of his lyrics are reproduced 
here for scholarly purposes, only. 
For the full set (and chords) visit:


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