Early Xmas (was:RE: Beck's politeness, Smerconish's endorsement)

Larry Weil kc1ih@mac.com
Thu Nov 6 19:11:26 EST 2008

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    Ironically, "Green Chri$tma$" is one Yule recording that 
> you don't hear on the radio. Last time I heard it on the 
> radio was close to 20 years ago, when J.C. (Jim Camilli) 
> played it on his oldies show on WLLH during the holiday 
> season. J.C. did his last show on LLH back in 1990. Stan 
> Freberg was ahead of his time with this one. I believe it was 
> recorded in the mid or late 1950's.

In the same vein, Allen Sherman did a song that went "Deck the halls with
advertising" or something to that effect, IIRC.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH


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