Yule be hearing Christmas on WROR and WODS from now on

Maureen Carney m_carney@yahoo.com
Thu Nov 6 18:16:54 EST 2008

Santa is already at the Burlington Mall (and probably others in the area) - so I guess the stations want to rush the season as well. It wasn't that long ago when stations would run "12 Days of Christmas" promotions and limit the music to that more approriate period. I guess I'm also in the Mike 93.7/Country 102.5 group for the rest of the year.

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Bob Nelson wrote:

> WROR apparently played the first Yule song just before 6 >am today and WODS quickly followed suit.
> Some will take both stations off their presets. Many won't.
> Makes money for 'em. Count me among the many who will >eagerly be listening to...WBOQ. And Mike 93.7. And
> Country 102.5

  IIRC last year they both dragged out the Christmas tunes on Veteran's Day. Christmas is 7 weeks from today. Since I'm not in the holiday mood just yet, I'll spend more time listening to WBOQ, Mike 93.7, Country 102.5, WCAP, and through the magic of streaming on line,WLNG and WIRY, and my own mix of oldies, both "safe" and "unsafe" on my laptop at home. I'll start enjoying the Yule tunes a bit closer to December 25th.

Mark Watson


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