Beck's politeness, Smerconish's endorsement

Richard Chonak
Thu Nov 6 16:48:26 EST 2008

Bob Nelson wrote:
> Well I'm not saying it's true or not, but who knows, it could be!
> Anything on the Net
> might need to be taken with a grain of salt. I'm just saying that
> there probably are
> people out there who are trying earnestly to bring back the FD and whether they
> succeed or not, we'll find out.
>>> On the conservative Radio Equalizer blog
>> You saw it on a blog, it must be true! :-)

This leads to a larger point: some people love to talk about outrageous 
things that could happen in theory.  The various interview shows on news 
channels often pose speculative questions to their guests, questions 
that urge them to talk about possible future events based on zero 
evidence whatsoever.


"So, Judge, is it possible for Barack Obama to add an apostrophe to his 
name, after the O, to appeal for the Irish vote?"

--"Well, I guess he could if he wanted to.  There's nothing stopping a 
person from changing the spelling of his name, as long as-- "

"You heard it here, folks.  We may have two candidates with Hibernian 
names on the ballot in the near future.   Thank you for coming on the 
show, Judge."



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