Fairness Doctrine

radiotony radiotony@comcast.net
Wed Nov 5 20:01:32 EST 2008

I didn't see it in the print edition. 

I just did a Google News search of "Illegal alien aunt, Obama" ... 
87. Most of the links are blogs. It was in a few daily newspapers.

Compare that to the Palin clothing and make up searches
which I did a couple of weeks ago: 

Her hair and makeup expenses [16,900 hits] 
and the clothes [161,000 Google hits].

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radiotony wrote:
> I first read it in a UK newspaper online and then in the Boston Herald.
> It wasn't in my New Hampshire daily or the New York Times.
> It should have been NATIONAL news. It wasn't. It was ignored. 

A quick search of nytimes.com for "Obama aunt" turned up this story, 
which claims to have been published in the paper version of the Times on 
Nov. 2...


Just sayin'...

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