Dennis & Callahan criticized for "election postponed" joke

Sid Schweiger
Wed Nov 5 13:23:16 EST 2008

>>The last thing we need is people using public airwaves for unfair attacks.<<

...and again, who decides what's unfair?  The person being attacked can certainly reply if he/she so chooses.  However, having government mandate it is wrong and for the most part unenforceable.  We didn't come this far to start making exceptions to the First Amendment just because someone is (gasp) OFFENDED!

Also, this nonsense about "public airwaves" needs to stop.  There are no "airwaves."  It's an artificial argumentative construct not bearing any relationship to reality.  Stations are licensed to use a frequency or band of frequencies for a certain specified length of time, and with very few exceptions are permitted to program whatever they want.  The public does not own those frequencies, because those frequencies don't exist until the licensee fires up a transmitter which they have been (presumably) licensed to operate.  If the "public" really owns the "airwaves," try walking into your local radio station and demand to be put on the air.  After all, you're a member of the "public," right?  Try not to be too annoyed by the hysterical laughter that follows you out the door.

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