Dennis & Callahan criticized for "election postponed" joke

Tue Nov 4 16:39:56 EST 2008

By rights, the Mass Attorney General should haul Entercom into court
under the statute regarding interfering with elections. Entercom would
love it, of course, because it would be GREAT free publicity, and all
of the Entercom Boston stations would milk it for all it's
worth--which would be a lot. There would be added publicity on Channel
2's Beat the Press and maybe Jon Keller would rise up in righteous
indignation on WBZ--taking care, of course, not to mention any
competitive call letters. In the end, there probably would be no
conviction and everybody except the duped voters and the people and
ballot questions they would have voted for would go away happy.

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> On Tue, 11/4/08, Bob Nelson <> wrote:
>> (I would have hoped that the father-in-law might have gone
>> to another source, such as TV or another radio station, to
>> confirm whether or not this was real! that a
>> volcano in the Blue Hills erupting...?)
> It's really sad that someone is that, dare I say, ignorant to
> believe two radio talk-show hosts.
> That being said, it's stupid for anyone to even consider saying
> something like this in this environment. I wonder if you're opening
> yourself up for litigation, even if it's frivolous.

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