WCRB Is 60, Not 79

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Don't you think 1929 was just a typo and that the taxt should have
read 1949--UNLESS the services were on some older radio station (we
can all speculate about which one) until they moved to WCRB ~1949? If
the latter, the problem was the writer's confusing the year the
program began with the year it began on WCRB.

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>I agree with the 60th.  Their 25th was when I was working there in
>the early-mid 70's.  I still have the clock radio they gave out at
>their big 25th party with a 25-years plaque on it.
> As for WCRB broadcasting their Sunday 11am services, the Globe
> reads:
> "We've done readings here, and since 1929 WCRB has broadcast our
> services, including a half-hour sermon and church music."
> They obviously got the start date wrong.  But that church did
> broadcast services on WCRB for many years; I did the remote work for
> a couple of years until the deacon or whomever complained to WCRB
> about my "dress code"... [I was a quasi-hippie back then].
>    -- George
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>>Subject: WCRB Is 60, Not 79
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>>The Theater and Arts section of today's (05/16) Boston Globe
>>contains a story
>>about an artistic organization performing at the Cathedral Church of
>>Paul, which is NOT located in Saint Paul, MN, but right here in
>>Boston.  Anyway,
>>in paragraph four of the story, mention is made of the Church's
>>history...but it seems to have gotten the facts wrong about the
>>radio station
>>broadcasting its services:
>>I do believe WCRB is celebrating its SIXTIETH birthday, not 79th.

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