Sunday Nights on WBZ, WBZA in 1929

Garrett Wollman
Mon May 12 23:43:39 EDT 2008

<<On Mon, 12 May 2008 22:38:25 -0400, Donna Halper <> said:

> Probably the Collier's Radio Hour.  Collier's was an arts, literature 
> and current events magazine, sort of like Saturday Evening Post or 
> Life--

Speaking of which....  There aren't many of the classic American
literary magazines left any more.  It used to be that every publisher
had one (to promote its authors); Ticknor and Fields (later Houghton
Mifflin) had /The Atlantic/, Harper & Brothers had /Harper's/, The
Century Company had /The Century Magazine/, S.S. McClure had
/McClure's/, Scribner had /Scribner's Magazine/, and so on.  (Only the
first two survived the Great Depression, and McClure's didn't even
last that long.)


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