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--- Kevin Vahey <kvahey@comcast.net> wrote:

> Saturday MUR would start off with Ring A Ding the
> Clown and then ABC cartoons.
> Sunday they ran some very strange religious shows.
> The one I remember
> most was AA Allen who did a miracle healing show
> from a tent in
> Arizona.
> Wrestling, roller derby and games from TVS also
> filled time.
> Sunday would also bring in the guy from Saladmaster
> crashing pans
> every week but the crew ate well.
> Sam even tried to get away with running local news
> from WABC for
> awhile on Sunday night. That lasted about a month.

When were they running local news from WABC-TV on
Sunday nights?  Just curious. I'm sure that confused a
few people in the Boston market wondering why the news
from Channel 7 in New York found itself on Channel 9
in Manchester, NH, considering that there was already
an ABC affiliate on Boston's Channel 7.  But with FCC
requirements stipulating news and information
programming (even on Sundays), this was a easy way of
doing just that (directly from the network feed, which
usually just ran the local O&O during non-network
times).  A little bit of treat, actually, with the
news coming from WABC-TV.... I'm sure it was in color.
 Until 1973, WMUR-TV had no live local color. WABC-TV
went full local color in '66.

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