The clout of Bruce Bradley

Wed Mar 12 20:16:42 EDT 2008

Without going into too many details, I don't know about Mr. Danforth, but
there were several people who did not want to "renew" his contract.

Jerry seemed to have greatly embarrassed WBZ management when he debated Avi
Nelson.  I did not hear those debates but I was told that Avi made Jerry
look extremely bad; that Avi ate his lunch, etc.

Jerry was also negotiating for more money. He also committed the "sin" of
having a lawyer working with him. That may not have made any difference in
the long run.

Despite what you may have heard otherwise, his ratings had been going down.
That didn't help.

It was really not my call though apparently I get the credit or the blame
depending on your point of view.

Now you know some more of the story.

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Jerry was not fired by Westinghouse they just didn't renew him. The
person who wanted him gone was Douglas Danforth who was the CEO of
Westinghouse Electric. Jerry was just too much of a loose cannon for
HQ in Pittsburgh.
Guy Manilla wanted off sports and BZ had Ken Beatrice ready for sports
(who quickly fled to Washington ) so Guy got Jerry's gig.

I think the most fascinating part of the book is how Chicago ended
badly for Jerry. He was doing mornings and the show was holding its
own against WGN. However Bill Paley heard a rumor that Westinghouse
would flip WIND to all news and he wasn't about to be beaten again
like he was with WINS so talk was gone.

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