enjoying the new Jerry Williams book

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I know for certain that King took over for Nebel and his wife (Candy)
because King would harp that they were down to 28 stations (WITS being

Jepko had for a few years a 3 station hookup that gave him all 48
states....KSL, WHAS Louisville and WBAL Baltimore.

On 3/9/08, Dan.Strassberg <dan.strassberg@att.net> wrote:
> Are you saying that the sequence was Jepko, Nebel, King? My impression
> is that Nebel (later with his wife as co-host) was on Mutual
> overnights for quite a long time--not nearly as long as King, but
> still a long time) and that Jepco was not on Mutual all that long, but
> he was on KSL and at least one other 50-kW station for years and years
> before he was on Mutual. Wasn't his show called Nightcap or something
> like that? I surely can't recall the sequence of hosts but I wouldn't
> bet on Jepco having preceded Nebel. Also, didn't Nebel deal mainly
> with the sort of black helecopter stuff that Art Bell later made so
> popular?
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> > OK now the authors are flat out wrong. They write that Larry King
> > replced Herp Jepko on Mutual in 1978. King replaced Long John Nebel.
> >
> > They also make a big deal about Mac Richmond dying in November of
> > 1971
> > at the same time Jerry's father died. Mac died in October and I have
> > a
> > strong memory of that night. I was board op with Phil Durkin (JJ
> > Jordan) that Friday morning when word of Mac's death hit. Phil
> > completely broke format and he and Fred Lowrey who was the MEX news
> > director had a tribute to the death of Mac where Fred said on RKO
> > that
> > we plan a tribute by employees for Mac and that should take 10
> > seconds.
> >
> > Phil didn't care as he had been told earlier that day his contract
> > was
> > not being renewed.
> >
> > I know it was October as later that morning my Mom had a stroke and
> > she died 10 days later on November 5th

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