I think they call that "Buying the wrong demo"

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 As part of a VNA/Health Care Provider group, I came to realize that many decisions which involve the assets including the "Family Homestead" are initiated or "run by" the family members who should be knowledgable about how they work to protect the older adults from fraud. I think the demo probably works, especially if the spot price is reasonable.

East Boston Savings utilizes WBZ to promote their Reverse Mortgages at what I am sure is a much higher rate.




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Driving home from Tanglewood last night, I listened for about half an
hour to WRNX (100.9A Amherst).  They had two stop sets during that
time; the first spot in both was for Wells Fargo reverse mortgages --
a product which is by law restricted to those over 62 1/2 years old.
I don't think there are too many people my father's age listening to
that station.



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