Don Imus Once Again Injected Race Into His Radio Show

Bill O'Neill
Fri Jun 27 08:54:24 EDT 2008

Mark Watson wrote:
>  Don Imus and his sports reporter Warner Wolf were discussing the 
> legal troubles of NFL player Adam "Pacman" Jones during today's show. 
> Imus made a comment about Mr. Jones' race. The Rev. Al Sharpton is 
> none too pleased with what Imus said today.
I hope that this story fizzles. I was listening. It was Imus saying, to 
THIS effect, "Goes to show you, they treated him WORSE because he was 
black - unfair."  Al Sharpton is becoming less and less relevant every 
time he jumps on a bandwagon that has no fuel.  You'd think it was an 
election year.

Bill O'Neill

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