Jefferson Kay Audition Tape and Promotional Flyer

Kevin Vahey
Fri Jun 27 03:06:11 EDT 2008

Wow talk about a trip back in time. Jeff was my favorite DJ at BZ
which was my station of choice when I was at prep school in
Woonsocket. The only other option there was WPRO as neither WICE or
WMEX could not be heard.

I visited Jeff at KB that summer and he told me he was basically fired
as he wanted a raise.

I do know the same fate happened 2 years later to Bob Kennedy. His
widow told me Westinghouse was outraged that he had an agent. The
agent figured Kennedy was billing close to 750K yet he was only being
paid 28K for doing both TV and radio.

They let Bob walk and that opened the door for Jerry Williams to come
back to Boston.

Williams bombed on TV and BZ wanted Kennedy back but he told them to stick it.

On 6/26/08, <> wrote:
> While surfing the net, I found this rather remarkable link on the  excellent
> WKBW tribute web site. It appears to be an audition tape prepared by  Jeff
> Kaye when he was at WBZ.  Also included is a brochure detailing his
> background
> and broadcasting experience prior to his coming to  WBZ.   He made an
> amazing
> jump from two small RI radio stations  to the big time in Boston.
> Interesting
> Stuff!      _Click here: Jefferson Kaye_ (
> Chris  Sullivan
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> fuel-efficient used cars.
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