Meet-ups past and future

Bill O'Neill
Mon Jun 23 15:26:07 EDT 2008

Scott Fybush wrote:
> Chuck Igo wrote:
>> Donna -
>>   the black flies are in "Maine."  we here in the Portland area are 
>> in what Bob Marley calls "fancy Maine."  we have running water and 
>> the most up-to-date farmer's almanac hangin' by the little 
>> holey-thing they put in those critters for just such a reason, ayuh.
>> suck it up, Auntie Donna.  it's an hour-forty minutes in a straight 
>> line up 95 from Boston to Portland.  i know as i've making that trip 
>> for 30 years now. ;-)
>>  and i've suggested a couple of really nice, black-fly free spots to 
>> Garrett...
> I'm thinking we drape a whole bunch of mosquito netting from Bob's 
> WJTO tower and fire up the grill out there in West Bath... :-)
> s
I would cancel any Vermont trips in winter too, Donna. (Couldn't resist 
the piling-on ;-)  Hey, I'll keep my nose to the ticker to see when that 
shindig is getting underway. 

It sure was swell breaking bread with 'ole pal Scott Fybush, Garrett 
Wollman and Mike Fitzpatrick on Friday over there in the "fancy Vermont" 
town of Stowe.  In the "upper village" no less.  Over ten years on this 
list and I'd not met our moderator yet.  It was way overdue and great to 
just sit there and talk about radio.  And radio.  And radio.  We Vermont 
residents only get to eat that well when friends make the trek.  Then, 
you get to just sit there in drink in all of the stories about running 
water, electric light, and outhouses in houses and such. <g>

Bill O'Neill

I could tell my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio.
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