digital converter box -- surprising performance

Robert S Chase
Tue Jun 17 12:28:14 EDT 2008

Fall River had a problem with the loop that serves me for a little over a 
week last winter. Turns out that the lead covered cable with the copper 
pairs in it developed a leak that allowed water to get in. This cable was 
installed in about 1932. The fix was to open up the cable where they 
isolated the leak to (using a process similar to the reflected impedance 
test used by NASA on the ECO sensors which they didn't use many months 
before which is probably why Hale is now a deputy associate administrator 
for outreach when there is no associate administrator for outreach) and blow 
air into the cable to dry out the paper insulation covering the pairs. What 
I don't understand is when they have a cable go down like that why they 
don't bite the bullet and start to pull fiber out to the subscribers instead 
of keeping the outmoded copper pairs?

Bob Chase
> I went through a whole week of no phone service a number of years
> back, they finally found a cut in an underground cable.

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