digital converter box -- surprising performance

Laurence Glavin
Sun Jun 15 14:22:28 EDT 2008

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>Slowly eating away at the analog cable offerings. Here in 
>Stoneham, I've already lost GSN, CSPAN2, and a few sports channels. 
>As of July 15th, we're losing CN8, TruTV, MSNBC, the various 
>religious programming on cable channel 56 (Boston Catholic TV, 
>Eternal Word Television Network, etc.) and Hallmark Channel. All 
>of those channels are available on the digital service. Given 
>everything I've been reading about this, the trend will be 

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"A few sports channels"?  It appears that every sports channel except 
the ESPN Archives or whatever it was called is still on basic cable;
I'm not a sports fan (I won't be watching the so-called big game
tonight, and I taped the "Ebert and Roper-without-Ebert" show from 
channel 9 Saturday 
knowing that the Sunday-night airing will be delayed or absent,
and I will probably view it while this game is on) and
therefore would gladly make this trade-off: ok I'll rent your silly box IF
you take all the ESPN's, Comcast Sports, Fox Sports, Golf Channel, and any
others I don't know about off my system AND my bill.

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