digital converter box -- surprising performance

Laurence Glavin
Sun Jun 15 14:12:04 EDT 2008

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>Check out this article in USA Today:


>All-digital cable move may spark viewer ire

>Excerpted->Cable companies are eager to sweep away analog channels to make
>room for digital high-definition and interactive services. And Comcast ...
>is about to lead that charge with the industry's most ambitious — and
>potentially riskiest — effort yet to change the way cable subscribers watch

I just received my Comcast concerts I didn't attend in Mansfield YET...
and there it was: NO MSNBC AFTER JULY 15TH!
Aside from channels 2 and 44 when they're not in begathon mode
(and shouldn't the call letters for channel 2 stand for 
"we've gone bonkers her" rather than Great Blue Hill during pledge drives?) the 
TV channel I watch most is MSNBC, especially Keith Olbermann, who makes
me laugh out loud more than Jon Stewart and Stephen Cobert do most nights.
I can't write another letter to the Globe so soon after having one published,
but I will try to call a talk show about this or send an email to one of
the media columnists at the Globe or Herald.

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