digital converter box -- surprising performance

Roger Kirk
Sun Jun 15 16:10:26 EDT 2008

Shawn Mamros wrote:
> We had some people from Verizon make a presentation about FiOS in
> our building (it hasn't been installed yet, but they're working on
> it), and they said that units that subscribed to FiOS would be having
> the copper lines pulled out as part of the fiber being pulled in;
> there's not enough room in the conduits for both.  It certainly
> wouldn't be an issue for a house, but it is one here.
I was told by a co-worker (lives in Melrose, MA) that if he wanted Fios, 
Verizon said he would have to have the copper removed - permanently i.e. 
he could not later change his mind and ask to be re-connected.

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