digital converter box -- surprising performance

Larry Weil
Sat Jun 14 23:32:30 EDT 2008

At 9:57 PM -0400 6/14/08, SteveOrdinetz wrote:
>There are lots of places where FIOS isn't available.  A couple years 
>ago when I lived in the Manchester, N.H. area FIOS availability was 
>spotty at best.  No one could tell me when it would be available in 
>my town.  Of course with Verizon having sold it's Maine/N.H./Vt. 
>operations to Fairpoint the discussion is moot anyway.

Fairpoint has a different name for it but it's still the same thing. 
Here in Salem we can get Internet but not video.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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