digital converter box -- surprising performance

George Allen
Sat Jun 14 15:20:45 EDT 2008

I just fired up dtv box #2, a channel master cm-7000 [~$80 before 
coupon, s-video out], on wabbit ears on the 2nd floor of my house in 
Swampscott, facing the ocean, SSW.  Blue Hill [I've got hazecams up 
there too <g>] is "in the way" of Providence, but 22 miles 
away.  Again, for what this antenna sees, goto .

With the wabbit ears just tossed behind the TV and no fussing, this 
box pulled in a whole bunch of channels I'd never seen before, 
including the 2 main Providence ones [analog 10 and 12], 
perfectly.  I suppose this isn't that surprising given the clear shot 
over the water from here. No NH stations [that I recognized at least] 
tho.  There's a hill right next to me to the North, and a few walls too.
   -- George

Kevin Wrote:
From: "Kevin Vahey" <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 23:02:18 -0500
Subject: Re: digital converter box -- surprising performance
Just curious.  You people with rabbit ears in Greater Boston how is 
the DTV signals out of Providence and New Hampshire doing?
The VHF signals of 10 and 12 traditionally had problems in Boston 
because of Great Blue Hill.

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