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A. Joseph Ross
Thu Jun 5 15:56:06 EDT 2008

On 5 Jun 2008 Garrett Wollman wrote:

> As I noted previously (in a message nobody seems to have read), this
> requirement was added by McCain-Feingold law ("Bipartisan Campaign
> Reform Act of 2002", P.L. 107-155, 116 Stat. 8).  The change happened
> in this decade.

I think part of the idea was to force the candidate to take 
responsibility for the ads his/her campaign ran.  Occasionally it 
used to happen that an ad would contain something inflamatory or 
improper, and the candidate would say that s/he never saw the ad and 
didn't approve of it, even when it came from that candidate's 
campaign.  With the candidate coming on at the end saying that s/he 
approved the ad, it will be harder to deny responsibility for the ad.

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