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>>Isn't there a federal regulation that limits multiple route signage on Interstate highways to Interstate route numbers? That is, I don't think you can have multiple route numbers on Interstate highways UNLESS ALL of the routes are Interstates. So I-93 and I-95 on the same signpost would be OK but combining I-<anything> with Mass 128 would NOT be OK. Can someone please verify that or shoot me out of the water?<<

Ordinarily, yes.  The rule is that once an existing highway is made part of the Interstate system, all other designations (state and US) are supposed to disappear.  Best example close to home is old Connecticut route 15, from the Massachusetts border to East Hartford (the Wilbur Cross Highway).  Once it was designated as I-86, and later I-84, the "15" markers went away.  As I previously posted, Massachusetts has a waiver of that rule for 128.

>>why should it be OK for Turnpike signs to read Route 128, since the Turnpike is Interstate 90?<<

The waiver should cover it, but if there were no waiver in place, I don't believe the rule requires any particular time-frame for changing the signs on intersecting roads.  Many of the "pull-through" signs on 128 (along the stretch that's also part of I-95) still say only "128" on them.

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