Joe Bergantino leaves WBZ

A. Joseph Ross
Tue Jun 3 15:39:01 EDT 2008

On 3 Jun 2008 Sid Schweiger wrote:

> Massachusetts got a waiver of that rule years ago, mostly due to 128's
> historic significance (when 128 became a limited-access highway
> ringing Boston, it was the nation's first "beltway").  IMO they'd be
> foolish to give that up.

Then I don't know why the Canton to Braintree section had to be 
changed.  I see no reason why Route 128 has to be coextensive with 
the beltway part of I-95.  And I don't see why the signs on Route 24 
can't give the directions to at least I-95 North, if not 128 North.

And there's a quarter-mile stretch of road from the point where I-93 
ends and where 128 and I-95 begin that seems to have no identity at 

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