WMEX is Gone

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Mon Jun 2 20:40:22 EDT 2008

The WMEX webstream from Barnabas Road Media has been down for more then a
month, it "broke" awhile back and my friend at the station said he couldn't
get it working again.


On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 8:03 PM, Mark Watson <> wrote:

> "The Seacoast" wrote:
> Gary James  signed off WMEX at 10 AM.
> I'll miss tuning in WMEX on my occasional travlels through the area. Even
> before the last few days when they dug deep into the music library they
> would occasionally throw in oldies not heard every day. Apparently they shut
> off the streaming feed over the weekend, as I tried a few times to get it
> and after the :30 stream sponsor spot nothing happened. I would have enjoyed
> hearing some of those deep cuts and PAMS jingles one more time.
> Mark Watson

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

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